• Hitch Me Up! Towing Capacities And Trailer Hitches

    It's common knowledge that all cars and trucks are not created equal, so before you install a trailer hitch and hook up that boat or trailer behind your vehicle, check the towing capacity and ensure you have the proper trailer hitch for your load. You can do serious damage to your automobile or cause an accident by towing loads it is not equipped to handle. How to Find the Towing Capacity

  • The Newest Way To Recycle Old Car Parts: Your Windshield

    Some parts of your car are a no-brainer to recycle. Parts like the steel from the body, the battery, and the rims are all classic examples of parts that can see new life once the rest of your car goes to the scrapyard. One part of car recycling that is often overlooked, but is still as important as the others, is your windshield.   How it Works Auto glass recycling is no cakewalk.

  • How To Get More Money From Your Used Car With A Clean Interior

    If you're looking to sell your used car, it's probably a good idea to make it look as new as possible before selling. People often fret over their car exterior without doing anything to improve their interior. However, a clean car, inside and out, is an important step when selling your car.  Clean Out All the Trash People spend way too much time in their cars: for some people, they become something like a second home.

  • Avoiding Winter Season Car Emergencies Through Winter-Weather Preventive Maintenance

    As harsh winter weather rolls in, auto repair shops are inundated with a 25% increase in customers requesting emergency service. The emergencies are the result of freezing weather contributing to major vehicle problems. Honestly, a lot of these troubles could have been avoided. Help yourself out. Prior to the weather taking a turn for the worst, request the preventive maintenance necessary to reduce the chances of winter-related damage to your car.

  • Your Car And The Sun: How To Protect Your Vehicle From Sun Damage

    When you are going to spend time outside, you probably put on sunblock. In fact, many experts recommend that you wear sunblock every day, regardless of the day's activities, to protect your skin from the sun. You know what else is exposed to the sun every day? Your car. And the paint on your car is much like your skin, it needs to be protected every day. But how do you do that?