3 Signs That You Should Have Your Car Towed On A Flatbed Instead Of A Dolly

by Felix Ray

If you are looking to hire a towing company, chances are good that the company that you choose will use a dolly if you do not ask for your vehicle to be towed on a flatbed. However, in many situations, flatbed towing is the best choice. These are a few signs that this is the best towing method for your vehicle.

1. Your Car Is Being Towed A Long Distance

One thing that you should know about dolly towing is the fact that it puts wear and tear on your car's tires. This is because the front of your vehicle is lifted off of the ground, but your back wheels are on the road and turning while your car is being towed. Although this really isn't a big deal if you are only having your car towed for a few miles, it can put significant wear and tear on your vehicle on longer trips. Therefore, if your car is being towed long distance, a flatbed is a better option. Since your entire car will be on the back of a flatbed truck, you don't have to worry about this wear and tear at all.

2. You Have A Larger Vehicle

A small car can be towed on a dolly just fine, but it is difficult for a tow truck driver to secure a larger vehicle on this type of truck. If you have a truck, a sports utility vehicle or a large sedan, you might find that your car can be towed more safely and securely on a flatbed truck. This is because you do not have to worry as much about weight or size restrictions on a flatbed as you do with a tow truck that uses a dolly.

3. Your Vehicle Has Been Lowered

If your vehicle has been lowered, you have to worry about the undercarriage of your car being damaged as it's being loaded and towed. This is because your lowered vehicle can be "scraped," which can damage the undercarriage or cause damage to your front bumper. This should not be a problem if you have your car towed on a flatbed, however.

As you can see, there are some situations in which flatbed towing is the best option. If any of these three things apply to your vehicle or your situation, it is a good idea to look for a towing company that has a flatbed. Visit a site like http://www.cctow.com/ for more information.