About Delayed Gear Shifting In A Car & Transmission Problems

by Felix Ray

Have the gears in your foreign car suddenly started taking a while to shift as you want them to? The problem might be related to the transmission, and you may want to get it repaired before it gets to the point of needing a replacement (which is costly for foreign vehicles). Below, find out important things to know about gear problems in a car and what you might have to pay if a transmission replacement is necessary.

What Causes Gears in a Car to Not Immediately Shift?

The gears in your car are directly related to the transmission, and they will malfunction if the transmission is not in good shape. It is the job of the transmission to give the gears enough energy to shift when you are driving. The energy that the transmission has is obtained from the engine in your car. Even with a good transmission, your gears can have a delayed shift if an insufficient amount of transmission fluid is in the vehicle. Basically, transmission fluid is moved from the hydraulic cylinder of the torque converter to the engine so that enough energy is created for use by the transmission.

What Can a Mechanic Do About Gear Shifting Problems in a Car?

Before assuming that the transmission is going bad, a mechanic will check the transmission fluid levels in your car. It is possible that the only problem is that you don't have enough transmission fluid; or the fluid might be contaminated and not flowing in an efficient manner. If the old transmission fluid is causing interfering with the operation of the gears, the mechanic will be able to drain all of out (flush it) and put new fluid inside. He or she can also drain most of the old fluid out and put new fluid inside (change it), which is the most affordable option (a flush is better). If the fluid is not the problem, you may need to get the transmission rebuilt or replaced.

What Does it Cost to Rebuild or Replace the Transmission in a Car?

Getting a transmission rebuilt is estimated at a price of at least $1,000. However, since your car is foreign, you might end up paying up to over $6,000 for the repair to be made. A used transmission is estimated at up to $600 and up, depending on the specific model of your car. Get your gear problem repaired by taking your car to a foreign car mechanic to see if the transmission is in need of some care!