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Ways You Can Make The Most Of Your Old Car: Ideas For You

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When you find yourself ready to move on from your old car that is falling apart or just not your style anymore, you may wonder what you can and should do with that old car of yours after you find a new car to replace it with. If you are not trading your old car in with the car dealer you buy from, there are numerous different options that you can choose from for your old car. Get to know a few of these available choices so that you can make the selection that works best for you and ensures that your old car does not go to waste.  Repurpose Parts of Your Car If you are creative and like to take on projects, there is plenty you can do with some of the parts of your car that is fun and useful around your house. For example, you can use the rims from your car or truck’s wheels and create a hose reel for your backyard garden hose. All you need to do is remove the tires from the wheel rim and potentially sand down any edges that may be sharp. You can also repaint the rims using spray paint as well to add color and variety to your hose reels. You can use springs and parts of the suspension to make interesting lamps, sculptures, or even seating in your home. And an old engine block can be power-washed and repainted to be a great standalone wine rack. The only limits of what you can do and what parts are useful to you are your skills and imagination. Sell Or Give Your Old Car To A Recycling Center What you may not realize about your car is that virtually everything on or in it is recyclable in some way. From your car frame to the engine down to the rubber tires, it can all be recycled in some way or another. And, for companies in the car industry, it is much more cost effective to use recycled car parts than to use all new materials. As such, you can donate your old car to be recycled at an auto recycling center (such as Miamitown Auto Parts & Recycling). There are also recycling centers that will purchase your old car and recycle it and resell the parts to car dealers and manufacturers who need them. Now that you know a few of the ways that you can make the most of your old car, you can do your best to not to let your old car go to...

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3 Signs That You Should Have Your Car Towed On A Flatbed Instead Of A Dolly

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If you are looking to hire a towing company, chances are good that the company that you choose will use a dolly if you do not ask for your vehicle to be towed on a flatbed. However, in many situations, flatbed towing is the best choice. These are a few signs that this is the best towing method for your vehicle. 1. Your Car Is Being Towed A Long Distance One thing that you should know about dolly towing is the fact that it puts wear and tear on your car’s tires. This is because the front of your vehicle is lifted off of the ground, but your back wheels are on the road and turning while your car is being towed. Although this really isn’t a big deal if you are only having your car towed for a few miles, it can put significant wear and tear on your vehicle on longer trips. Therefore, if your car is being towed long distance, a flatbed is a better option. Since your entire car will be on the back of a flatbed truck, you don’t have to worry about this wear and tear at all. 2. You Have A Larger Vehicle A small car can be towed on a dolly just fine, but it is difficult for a tow truck driver to secure a larger vehicle on this type of truck. If you have a truck, a sports utility vehicle or a large sedan, you might find that your car can be towed more safely and securely on a flatbed truck. This is because you do not have to worry as much about weight or size restrictions on a flatbed as you do with a tow truck that uses a dolly. 3. Your Vehicle Has Been Lowered If your vehicle has been lowered, you have to worry about the undercarriage of your car being damaged as it’s being loaded and towed. This is because your lowered vehicle can be “scraped,” which can damage the undercarriage or cause damage to your front bumper. This should not be a problem if you have your car towed on a flatbed, however. As you can see, there are some situations in which flatbed towing is the best option. If any of these three things apply to your vehicle or your situation, it is a good idea to look for a towing company that has a flatbed. Visit a site like for more...

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About Delayed Gear Shifting In A Car & Transmission Problems

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Have the gears in your foreign car suddenly started taking a while to shift as you want them to? The problem might be related to the transmission, and you may want to get it repaired before it gets to the point of needing a replacement (which is costly for foreign vehicles). Below, find out important things to know about gear problems in a car and what you might have to pay if a transmission replacement is necessary. What Causes Gears in a Car to Not Immediately Shift? The gears in your car are directly related to the transmission, and they will malfunction if the transmission is not in good shape. It is the job of the transmission to give the gears enough energy to shift when you are driving. The energy that the transmission has is obtained from the engine in your car. Even with a good transmission, your gears can have a delayed shift if an insufficient amount of transmission fluid is in the vehicle. Basically, transmission fluid is moved from the hydraulic cylinder of the torque converter to the engine so that enough energy is created for use by the transmission. What Can a Mechanic Do About Gear Shifting Problems in a Car? Before assuming that the transmission is going bad, a mechanic will check the transmission fluid levels in your car. It is possible that the only problem is that you don’t have enough transmission fluid; or the fluid might be contaminated and not flowing in an efficient manner. If the old transmission fluid is causing interfering with the operation of the gears, the mechanic will be able to drain all of out (flush it) and put new fluid inside. He or she can also drain most of the old fluid out and put new fluid inside (change it), which is the most affordable option (a flush is better). If the fluid is not the problem, you may need to get the transmission rebuilt or replaced. What Does it Cost to Rebuild or Replace the Transmission in a Car? Getting a transmission rebuilt is estimated at a price of at least $1,000. However, since your car is foreign, you might end up paying up to over $6,000 for the repair to be made. A used transmission is estimated at up to $600 and up, depending on the specific model of your car. Get your gear problem repaired by taking your car to a foreign car mechanic to see if the transmission is in need of some...

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Remanufactured Parts May Be A Good Idea For You

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When your car breaks down, you may need to replace parts. When it comes to replacing car parts, you have some options. One option is to use remanufactured parts.  What Are Remanufactured Car Parts? Remanufactured car parts are parts that have been used in other cars already. Those parts are then taken out and repaired. Repaired can mean a lot of things at this point, depending on what the part is. The process starts out with the testing.  Testing means that the part will get checked out to see what, if anything, is wrong with the part. Things they will check out will include whether or not all moving parts are within tolerance. When it comes to car parts, tolerance means that the pieces are a certain size and that they meet at the correct place. If the part is out of tolerance, the people working on it will either need to repair it, if possible, or take it apart to use its component parts.  Once the parts are checked out and the people working on it are sure that they are that it is in good shape, the parts are then made available to sell.  What Are the Benefits of Using Remanufactured Parts? The biggest benefit of using remanufactured parts is that it will save you money. Since the parts are used, you are going to be able to pay a little less. However, being used doesn’t mean that the parts are still in good shape. You should still be able to get a pretty long lifespan out of the part since they are basically as good as new. The part should work as well as the original part did. You won’t notice any difference. That’s because the remanufactured part is still the exact same part as what was there before.  When Is Using a Remanufactured Part a Good Idea? A remanufactured part may not always be the best idea. If you have a relatively new car, you may want to go ahead and get a new part. However, if your car is older, or the repair plus new part would start to approach the value of the car, then a remanufactured part may be your best choice. Some examples of this would include having to replace the transmission or engine of your car. Both of these can be expensive fixes.  If your car breaks down and needs a new part, getting a remanufactured part from a company like Four-Twenty-Two Auto Wrecking may be a good...

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3 Car Services to Obtain Before Winter

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Driving in the tough, wet and icy road conditions during the winter season can be very difficult, scary and dangerous. This is why preparing your car for these brutal road conditions is a must. Before the snow and wet weather conditions arrive, you may want to consider taking your car in for services. There are many services that can improve the performance and reliability of your vehicle during the winter season, so be sure to receive services such as the following: Tire Inspections and Replacements: The biggest factor in your safety while driving on wet and icy roads is the control that you have over your vehicle. If your tires are lacking in traction quality then you may find yourself sliding out of control more than usual. Before winter arrives, consider investing in all-season tires, as these tires will have quality traction, which will help you stay in control of your vehicle this year. Also, if your current tires are still in good condition, you may just want to have a mechanic check the air pressure to ensure that they are at the proper settings. Over or under inflated tires can cause further air leakage, which can potentially create further tire damages. Brake Replacements: Not only are your tires critical components when it comes improving the control you have over your vehicle, but your brakes are also very important to have checked out. If brake pads are low or your rotors are warped, you may not be able to stop in time if there is a vehicle in front of you. Be sure that your brakes have quality padding to them, so they can slow your vehicle quickly for this reason. Tire Alignment Repairs: The quality of your alignment can definitely be easy to overlook. However, by not having a centered alignment, you may find yourself sliding out more than someone who has a straight alignment. This is because an off-centered alignment will position your tires to be set at an angle, rather than flat with the road. This can minimize the control that you have over your car, which is why taking it to a mechanic and having it positioned properly is critical. These services won’t only improve your car’s overall performance, but they will help keep you safe while driving, which is the biggest reason why you should take your car to an auto service specialist, such as Foster’s Auto Service Inc., before the upcoming winter season...

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Preparing For Your Driver’s License Test

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If you are interested in driving a vehicle, you will need to do a great deal of practicing before you are able to safely handle a piece of machinery on the open road. If you have a driver’s permit in your possession, you will need to actively practice your driving skills in order to pass a driver’s exam. Here are some steps you can take to be prepared for your driver’s license test. Take Time To Familiarize Sit inside a vehicle and learn where the controls are located. Look for important pieces you will need when driving like the windshield wiper control, the headlight switch, the shifting apparatus, the turn signal control, the mirror adjustments and the gas and brake pedals. Take time to learn how to adjust the seating for your stature and glance in the side and rear view mirrors to make sure you can see what is behind you with ease. Playing with these controls will help familiarize yourself with the vehicle before your test. Consider doing this familiarization practice in several vehicles to better learn how controls work. Enroll In A Driver’s Education Class Learning the rules of the road is much easier in a classroom setting than by trying to train yourself with a book. Each state has different laws in place and sometimes rules will change. Taking a class ensures you know the latest information regarding driving law. Most states will require you have classroom training before you can take your driver’s exam. If you are a teenager, you may have courses offered through your high school. If classes are not offered at your school, or if you are an adult, you have the option of taking private classes on your own. You will not only have the privilege of learning from a teacher in a classroom, but you may also be able to have hands-on training. Some driver’s education courses will allow you to use a school-provided vehicle to learn in, with a teacher by your side. Enlist Help From Others To be able to drive with a learner’s permit, you will need a licensed driver to sit in the passenger seat while you drive. Bring along someone who has extensive driving experience and ask them to give you routes to try each time you go out in the vehicle. They can bring you to different road types both without a lot of traffic and at rush-hour times so you get used to different scenarios. Practice in inclement weather and during the night as well. Have your trainer set up small tasks for you to carry out, such as backing around a corner and parallel parking.  When your trainer feels you are able to handle the vehicle without incident, speak with your driving teacher to see if they agree. You will then wish to try taking the test to see if you are ready to handle a vehicle on your own. Contact a school like American Driving Academy for more...

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Types Of Commercial Trucks That Can Help You Start A Business

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When you want to set out on your own and start a trade business, you have more options than you might think. One way to narrow down your business choices is to think about the type of truck you might buy to get your business up and running. Customers and businesses pay good money for mobile services. Here are a few types of trucks you could buy that can help you create a mobile business. Contractor Truck If you consider yourself handy, you can buy a contractor truck and become an on-call contractor. Many custom trucks come equipped with truck beds full of separate compartments for various tools and building materials. Or you can buy a commercial van outfitted with pegs and compartments inside to transport tools in wetter climates. Hire yourself out as a handyman, framer, or roofer.  Box Truck Box trucks are great for businesses that need to transport a fair amount of inventory locally. You can start your own local moving company with a box truck. Or, become a delivery contractor to help small companies deliver inventory to their customers or nearby stores. The company won’t have to buy their own truck or driver, and you can be your own boss. Start off by contacting local bakeries, boutiques, or flower shops. Semi-Truck You may have thought that semi-trucks are only owned and driven by large companies. However, many long-distance truckers work for themselves. They set up contracts with small businesses to drive large loads of cargo across the country and even over the border. If you like the idea of traveling the open road, buy a semi-truck and get truckin’! To make yourself more marketable, consider buying a refrigerated truck that can transport specialty items like perishable food, medication, or instruments.  Tow Truck If the idea of driving across the country doesn’t appeal to you, you can stay in town and own a mobile business as a tow truck driver. You can either tow cars that are parked in tow zones or come to the aid of stranded drivers. Contact a local mechanic and get on contract to pick up customers who can’t get their car to the mechanic’s shop. You’ll have a steady group of clients to tap into, and you’ll provide a service that the mechanic doesn’t want to deal with. It will bring the mechanic more business, so it’s a win-win situation for both parties.  When you love the idea of a mobile business and want to work for yourself, a specialty truck can help you make that dream a reality. Consider buying a used commercial vehicle for the best...

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5 Ways Roadside Assistance Can Pay Off

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If you own a vehicle, it’s important that you take extra care to protect your car and yourself. This can help you to avoid dangerous situations. One way that you can further protect yourself is with the use of roadside assistance coverage. This is a great way to have protection in place in case an emergency occurs. If you’re putting off this expense due to financial concerns, you should know that it’s relatively inexpensive and worth the cost. Take a look at the following information to better understand the ways in which roadside assistance can be helpful.  Get Gas If You Run Out Running out of gas can be a scary and stressful situation, especially if you run out of gas several miles from a gas station. If it’s cold outside or dark out, it may not make sense to make the long hike in order to get gas. Instead, with roadside assistance, a professional can bring the gas to you so that you can make it home safely.  Get Towed to Safety Sometimes incidents happen which leave you stranded and unable to drive your vehicle to safety. If you want to get on with your day and make it to your destination as quickly as possible, it’s a good idea to get towed. With the use of road side assistance, a towing professional can come to your location and tow you. This can either be to your home or to a local auto body shop if you need work done right away. In many cases, using your roadside assistance can allow for a tow truck professional, such as Marv’s Quality Towing Inc, to come much more quickly.  Flat Tire Change Often times when you least expect it, you find yourself with a flat tire. If you never learned how to change a flat tire and don’t want to guess your way through the process, roadside assistance can come in handy. Within minutes, your tire can be changed so that you can continue driving to your next destination with little worry.  Battery Jump Sometimes car batteries run out of juice and just need a bit of charging. If you find yourself in this situation but no one is stopping to help, your roadside assistance can provide help right away. You will be able to get a jump so that you can start your car back up.  Save Money on Other Purchase In many cases, there are added benefits to use enrollment of a roadside assistance plan. Many companies offer savings to their members. This can allow you to save on everyday purchases and special purchases including movie tickets, online purchase, travel, and hotel costs. Ask about these discounts and savings when talking with roadside assistance companies. ...

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“Extra” Things People Like About Towing Services: Ask When You Neeed A Tow

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What makes one towing service different from another? If you’re evaluating your experience with one of these shops, check out these value propositions that help customers feel better about their relationships with these businesses. Getting There Fast The best towing services make a point to keep enough trucks on the road to quickly respond to problems, and they train their staff to be there when they say they will. In the days of smart phones, it’s easy to keep in touch with customers to let them know almost exactly when they can expect the backup, and when they can get their vehicle safely removed from an emergency situation. Having Room for Passengers So many people who are stranded by the side of the road need an extra seat, so they can ride along. They’d rather not have to get alternative transportation from wherever they broke down. So towing services that can offer them a seat on the truck can do better in terms of ultimate customer satisfaction. Just the Tow, Please It’s also important for towing services to think about how they come across to customers when it comes to fixing what’s broken on a vehicle. Some customers might welcome a little guidance, but they don’t want to be told that they’ve already been taken to a shop for unauthorized work on a car or truck. The best towing services keep this very transparent, and let people know what’s going on before any work is done. Offering Mileage Instead of having hard and fast caps on the number of miles they would drive, the best towing services work with AAA and otherwise offer customers convenient alternatives so they don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get to where they need to be. Special Situations Good towing experts can get cars out of a ditch with a tow bar. They know how to address situations where cars are trapped off-road or where there are obstacles in the way. These services help customers feel like they really got good assistance when they were in a jam. Working with Legitimate Impound Lots This is a customer’s biggest gripe: in too many situations, people feel like they got railroaded into paying high impound rates. A combination of lower-priced impound services, transparency and courtesy can go a long way. Think about how these extras make people more satisfied with what happens when a towing company shows up. To learn more, contact a towing company like Elden Dattage Towing & Auto...

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Inspecting And Troubleshooting Car Fuel Problems

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A sudden jerk, hesitation or a bubbling feeling while driving can be the start of an automotive headache. Whether because of fuel problem, power issues or many other potential failures, your vehicle may not be able to accelerate efficiently. If you’re trying to figure out why your car won’t move efficiently no matter how hard you press the gas, keep a few inspection and troubleshooting points in mind to figure out potential problems in one major failure area: the fuel system. Fuel Filter Clogging The fuel filter is designed to protect the fuel system and your engine from damage. Although many major fuel processing companies use their modern technology to keep your gasoline and other fuels as free of contaminants as possible, there are still times where heavy metals or residue can build up and enter your tank. One of the more common causes of dirty fuel is a dirty container at the gas station. If the gas station isn’t cleaning out its fuel storage, years of accumulated gunk from solidifying fuel, dirt, metals and other debris can be whipped up with the clean, new fuel every time the station is filled. If the gas station is low on fuel, you may be pulling up dirty fuel and the debris that has settled to the bottom. Regardless of the cause, dirty fuel can fill up your fuel filter fairly quickly. Many people check their fuel filters every few months, but visiting a gas station with bad fuel could be an immediate cause for cleaning or changing the filter–not to mention pumping your gas tank. Consult your vehicle’s manual for the specific location of the fuel filter and check it for clogging. Fuel filters can be cleaned by hand with a brush, and the more difficult debris can be loosened with carburetor cleaner. If cleaning is time consuming or you’d rather not deal with an older filter, simply get a new filter that matches your car’s year, make and model–even cars of the same model, but different years may have a different filter design. Poor Fuel Quality If your car’s fuel filter is getting consistently clogged, contact a car repair professionally immediately. With their help, you can check out the local gas stations that you suspect of having poor quality fuel that could be damaging your vehicle. Although visiting a specific station is ultimately your choice, your vehicle could already be damaged by the existing fuel quality problem. With the car professional on your side, you can rely on an educated analysis of the fuel quality and obtain a sample that can be tested. The fuel problem isn’t just an issue for you; many other drivers may be damaging their vehicle by getting the mystery fuel, and the gas station may not even know it. You can seek compensation for your vehicle damages and do the right thing at the same time by looking carefully at your gas source and speaking up. Contact a car repair professional from a shop like Foothill Service for help with fuel filter cleaning, pumping out old, bad fuel and getting to the bottom of other fuel...

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