How To Get More Money From Your Used Car With A Clean Interior

by Felix Ray

If you're looking to sell your used car, it's probably a good idea to make it look as new as possible before selling. People often fret over their car exterior without doing anything to improve their interior. However, a clean car, inside and out, is an important step when selling your car. 

Clean Out All the Trash

People spend way too much time in their cars: for some people, they become something like a second home. Which is probably why so many cars are filled with mountains of trash.

As a result, the first step in your car cleaning process should be emptying this mess. Take a garbage bag (or two) and a small plastic tub to your car and throw everything you don't want to keep in the bag. Things you want to keep go in the tub.

Now you're ready to do some serious cleaning.

Vacuum Carpet and Replace Mats

Mud, water, snow and worse are tracked in and soaked into your carpet's absorbent fibers. This can cause disgusting smells and mold problems that can drive down the value of your car. Worse, mold can spread through your carpet and actually cause severe damage that can be nearly impossible to repair.

Start by taking out your old, abused floor mats and throwing them away. Now, go to your car dealer and purchase new mats to replace them. However, don't install them just yet. First, break apart stains and dirt with a heavy, stiff bristled brush. Now, use a car vacuum to suck up all that debris from your carpet.

Shine Interior Chrome

Dirty or stained interior chrome makes a car look cheap and ill-used. Cleaning your chrome requires the following steps:

  • Dabbing cola on the stains with a sponge and scrubbing to break apart the stains
  • Scrubbing off rust spots with a scouring pad
  • Applying club soda with a sponge and lightly buffing
  • Rinsing off club soda with a dry rag
  • Repeating the last two steps until your chrome shines

Scrub Down Windows

Car owners often ignore the streaks and stains that plague their interior windows. Thankfully, they aren't too difficult to clean with items you already have in the house. Start by filling a bowl with warm water and adding a teaspoon of dish soap and a drop of white vinegar. The vinegar not only breaks apart grease and stains, but disinfects the window.

Spread your cleaning solution across the window with a microfiber cloth. Press down lightly on tougher stains to break them apart. Rinse the window with another cloth and repeat as necessary.

Once you've thoroughly cleaned the inside of your car, you can run it through a car wash to get it looking beautiful both inside and out. Now you can take this beautiful car to a used car buyer like U Pick U Save and watch its price rise.