The Newest Way To Recycle Old Car Parts: Your Windshield

by Felix Ray

Some parts of your car are a no-brainer to recycle. Parts like the steel from the body, the battery, and the rims are all classic examples of parts that can see new life once the rest of your car goes to the scrapyard. One part of car recycling that is often overlooked, but is still as important as the others, is your windshield.  

How it Works

Auto glass recycling is no cakewalk. It is well known that putting the glass between two sheets of plastic is a good way to keep the glass from shattering and injuring others, but it does make it more difficult to recycle than plain glass. The process involves crushing the windshield and then removing the thin plastic film from the actual glass, both of which can be recycled. 

Your Role

Unlike the recycling of some car products, you barely have to lift a finger to recycle your old car windshield. In fact, the process is often done for you at no additional cost when you go to have your windshield replaced. Many auto glass shops will simply put all of their old windshields in a recycling bin and ship them off to a facility to undergo the above process. For those who are looking for a way to recycle that is fully integrated with the industry being served, you've got it right here. 

The Results

Recycled auto glass can be used for any end product that other types of recycled glass can be used for, and even maybe a few more. One very common way in which this type of glass is used is for bowls like fish bowls and glass vases. On a bigger scale, some companies offer glass shower doors which are made from recycled auto glass. Even the plastic used in the manufacturing of auto glass can be recycled into glue for carpeting. If you're crafty, recycled windshield products can be bought for amateur glass blowing and other similar projects. 

In a world where everything is on the fast track to being recycled, it's surprising that windshield recycling took so long. However, due to recent advances in processing, this common auto repair can be quickly and easily converted into a plethora of different products, including shower glass, carpet glue, and even crafts. When you need to drop your car off for recycling, or if you're just getting a new windshield, make sure to ask about getting it recycled, as this step is a big one in terms of keeping our planet safe and healthy.