Your Car And The Sun: How To Protect Your Vehicle From Sun Damage

by Felix Ray

When you are going to spend time outside, you probably put on sunblock. In fact, many experts recommend that you wear sunblock every day, regardless of the day's activities, to protect your skin from the sun. You know what else is exposed to the sun every day? Your car. And the paint on your car is much like your skin, it needs to be protected every day. But how do you do that? 


Whether you park your car all day while you are at work, or spend your days running from store to store, you should always seek out shaded parking. When possible, a parking garage or covered parking space is ideal, but a good shady tree will suffice. If you are going to park your car outside for a long period of time, you may want to consider a car cover to help preserve the paint. 

If you have a garage at home, clear it out to make space for your car. A garaged car's paint will stay nicer longer, simply because it's exposure to the sun is far less that a car that is parked in the driveway or on the street.


Getting rid of dirt, bug guts and bird droppings on a regular basis is a first line of defense for auto paint. Those items get stuck on and the longer they stay on your car, exposed to the sun, the more "baked on" they become. Removing them can damage your paint.

Never scratch at stuck on gunk. Use a cotton mitt and an auto cleaner to wash your vehicle. When it's clean, use a chamois to dry it. Letting it air dry can actually leave behind minerals that aren't so great for your shiny paint job. 


Waxing isn't just about the shine. Applying a coat of wax after you wash your car can actually protect your paint from the UV rays of the sun. Not only does waxing protect from sun damage, it can also help save your paint from road pollutants.

Paint protector

The closest thing you will find to sunblock for your car is auto paint protection. Available through body shops, detailing services or even auto repair stores, a paint protector, sometimes called sealant, is an extra line of defense against paint damage. It's a thin, plastic shell that keeps small chips and dings off your paint, preserving the "new" look of your car. 

Your vehicle is going to be exposed to the sun. There is really no way around it. But with proper parking, washing, waxing and maybe some paint protector, you can keep your vehicle looking newer, longer. To learn more, contact a company like Select Collision Centers Inc. with any questions or concerns you have.