Types Of Commercial Trucks That Can Help You Start A Business

by Felix Ray

When you want to set out on your own and start a trade business, you have more options than you might think. One way to narrow down your business choices is to think about the type of truck you might buy to get your business up and running. Customers and businesses pay good money for mobile services. Here are a few types of trucks you could buy that can help you create a mobile business.

Contractor Truck

If you consider yourself handy, you can buy a contractor truck and become an on-call contractor. Many custom trucks come equipped with truck beds full of separate compartments for various tools and building materials. Or you can buy a commercial van outfitted with pegs and compartments inside to transport tools in wetter climates. Hire yourself out as a handyman, framer, or roofer. 

Box Truck

Box trucks are great for businesses that need to transport a fair amount of inventory locally. You can start your own local moving company with a box truck. Or, become a delivery contractor to help small companies deliver inventory to their customers or nearby stores. The company won't have to buy their own truck or driver, and you can be your own boss. Start off by contacting local bakeries, boutiques, or flower shops.


You may have thought that semi-trucks are only owned and driven by large companies. However, many long-distance truckers work for themselves. They set up contracts with small businesses to drive large loads of cargo across the country and even over the border. If you like the idea of traveling the open road, buy a semi-truck and get truckin'! To make yourself more marketable, consider buying a refrigerated truck that can transport specialty items like perishable food, medication, or instruments. 

Tow Truck

If the idea of driving across the country doesn't appeal to you, you can stay in town and own a mobile business as a tow truck driver. You can either tow cars that are parked in tow zones or come to the aid of stranded drivers. Contact a local mechanic and get on contract to pick up customers who can't get their car to the mechanic's shop. You'll have a steady group of clients to tap into, and you'll provide a service that the mechanic doesn't want to deal with. It will bring the mechanic more business, so it's a win-win situation for both parties. 

When you love the idea of a mobile business and want to work for yourself, a specialty truck can help you make that dream a reality. Consider buying a used commercial vehicle for the best pricing.