3 Unique Ways To Surprise Your Sweetheart On Valentine's Day

by Felix Ray

Many couples tend to keep celebrating Valentine's Day fairly low key. Gifts like flowers, candy, and sentimental greeting cards tend to be exchanged. A lot of times this is done over a nice, quiet, romantic dinner.

There's certainly nothing wrong with a laid back low key celebration. However, if you really want to go all out and give your sweetie a fun Valentine's Day surprise then you may want to consider one of the following ideas. 

1. Get Them A Singing Telegram 

One great way to surprise your loved one on Valentine's Day is to sign up to have a singing telegram delivered to them. You can most certainly have them come directly to your significant other's home to do this. However, if you think they would enjoy having a singing telegram delivered to them at work in front of their co-workers then you can arrange for an office delivery instead.

Around this time of year, there tend to be many different barbershop quartets or other singing groups that offer this service. Some of them are even willing to dress up in fancy clothing such as tuxedos or in silly costumes if you would prefer. You can also have them bring your loved one a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a single long stemmed rose if you'd like. Although you may need to purchase the flowers separately, singing telegrams groups will often be more then happy to deliver them for you. 

2. Spruce Up Their Ride 

One idea that's sure to thrill your significant other is to offer to do whatever they want to spruce up their ride. The easiest and probably best way to do this is to give them a gift certificate to a local auto body repair shop (like Central Body Co Inc). While it's true that you could surprise them by having this done ahead of time, it would be better to give them a gift certificate instead so that way they can give their input on what type of changes they'd like made to their vehicle. The possibilities for customizing their vehicle are practically limitless and this is something that the two of you could really have fun brainstorming ideas for together. A few ideas that you may want to consider are a new steering wheel, new rims, a brand new paint job, tinted windows, and personalized plates. 

3. Take Them On A Shopping Spree 

Is your sweetie a really hard worker who is always putting taking care of you or their kids before themselves? If so, you want want to think about showing your appreciation for all of the wonderful things that they do by taking them on a shopping spree. One fun way to do this would be to have them get in the car with you and then tell them that you're going to blindfold them and bring them a secret special place.

Once you arrive at the mall or their favorite store, remove the blindfold and tell them that they have the next few hours to go and buy whatever their little heart desires. In order to make sure that they don't spend more then you can afford, it's a good idea to let them know right up front what your spending limit is. Try to make it for a fairly generous amount though if you can so that your loved one can really have a good time shopping. If there's a salon inside the mall, you may even want to offer to pay for them get their nails or hair done.

There's no doubt about it that it can sometimes be difficult to try and come up with fun and unique ways to surprise your loved one on Valentine's Day. However, trying even just one of these ideas is sure to thrill and delight your special sweetheart.