4 Safety Tips For Riding A Motorcycle With Kids

by Felix Ray

You've been telling your kids they're almost old enough to ride on the back of your motorcycle for years and now it's finally time. While bringing your child along on a motorcycle ride can be a scary proposition, it's actually quite a safe thing to do as long as you are an experienced rider and take the right precautions.

Here are four ways to keep your kids safe while allowing them to enjoy the thrill of the open road:

1. Get Them the Right Helmet

A properly-fitting helmet is probably the most important aspect of motorcycle safety for your child. Should the unthinkable happen and you get in an accident, you absolutely need your child's head to be as protected from injury as possible. It's best to go shopping for motorcycle helmets in person instead of online, to ensure a correct fit. The salesperson should be able to find the right size and also show you and your child the correct way to wear it.

2. Buckle Them In

Many motorcycle shops now sell add-on seat-belts or harnesses just for kids. This offers another level of safety and protection, preventing them from falling off should you hit a bump. It might also make them feel less anxious and more secure on the bike. Remember to always have your child ride behind you on the back of the motorcycle.

3. Shop for Protective Clothing

Protective clothing will help keep your child safe in an accident while also protecting their skin from sun, wind, and other weather. They should wear sturdy long pants that cover their entire legs but don't drag past their feet- heavy-duty jeans or leather motorcycle chaps are ideal.

They should also wear long sleeves. A leather motorcycle jacket is a great investment if your child is going to ride with you regularly. To complete their ensemble, look for leather motorcycle gloves to protect their hands and allow them to easily hold on.

4. Make Sure They Have the Right Footwear

Tennis shoes or sandals are dangerous, as they can go flying off at high speeds, and tennis shoelaces can get caught in the bike. Nice quality, properly fitting and sturdy boots are the best bet for both you and your child.

By following these four safety tips, you and your children can share a unique bonding experience by riding a motorcycle together, without sacrificing safety. To learn more, contact a company like Rocket Harley-Davidson with any questions you have.