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3 Unique Ways To Surprise Your Sweetheart On Valentine’s Day

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Many couples tend to keep celebrating Valentine’s Day fairly low key. Gifts like flowers, candy, and sentimental greeting cards tend to be exchanged. A lot of times this is done over a nice, quiet, romantic dinner. There’s certainly nothing wrong with a laid back low key celebration. However, if you really want to go all out and give your sweetie a fun Valentine’s Day surprise then you may want to consider one of the following ideas.  1. Get Them A Singing Telegram  One great way to surprise your loved one on...

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Avoiding Winter Season Car Emergencies Through Winter-Weather Preventive Maintenance

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As harsh winter weather rolls in, auto repair shops are inundated with a 25% increase in customers requesting emergency service. The emergencies are the result of freezing weather contributing to major vehicle problems. Honestly, a lot of these troubles could have been avoided. Help yourself out. Prior to the weather taking a turn for the worst, request the preventive maintenance necessary to reduce the chances of winter-related damage to your car. Replace Worn or Balding Tires Old and worn tires might be acceptable during moderate climates....

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Top Reasons Your Check Engine Light Is On

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Your vehicle comes equipped with a “Check Engine” light on the dashboard. When this illuminates, your first thought will be that something terrible is happening to your vehicle. There are actually a few smaller fixes that allow this light to come on. Here is a summary of some of the reasons why your “Check Engine” light has come on and what you can do to take care of these troubles. How To Get A Diagnosis If your “Check Engine” light comes on, you will want to find out what the problem is. You can bring...

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4 Reasons Every Driver Needs An Emergency Towing Service

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A lot of stock is put into the perceived dependability of a vehicle, mainly based on its age, make and model, and applicable warranties. Owners of newer cars may feel like their vehicles are almost guaranteed to remain running, because they believe that only older junkers become inoperable without warning. Mechanical failure may or may not be more prominent in older vehicles, but roadside emergencies happen for other unexpected reasons as well. 1. Unpredictable Breakdowns – Plenty of roadside services and towing clubs offer drivers...

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4 Safety Tips For Riding A Motorcycle With Kids

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You’ve been telling your kids they’re almost old enough to ride on the back of your motorcycle for years and now it’s finally time. While bringing your child along on a motorcycle ride can be a scary proposition, it’s actually quite a safe thing to do as long as you are an experienced rider and take the right precautions. Here are four ways to keep your kids safe while allowing them to enjoy the thrill of the open road: 1. Get Them the Right Helmet A properly-fitting helmet is probably the most important aspect of...

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Prepping Your Bike For The Winter Months

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Winter often signals the end of riding season for motorcycle enthusiasts. The combination of icy roads and cold weather make rides difficult to enjoy and dangerous to take. That means, for most people, winter is the time when motorcycles need to be stored. Whether you’re keeping your motorcycle in a warm garage or out in the driveway, there are a few steps you’ll want to take before your motorcycle goes into storage. These steps will ensure that your transition back into riding season next year is simple and free of unexpected...

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2 Reasons Why You Should Regularly Replace Your Timing Belt

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The timing belt is one of the most important parts of your vehicle because it ensures that your internal combustion engine is able to function properly. The timing belt makes that the valves that are connected to the camshaft and the crankshaft open and close at the appropriate moments. This allows both the intake strokes and the exhaust strokes to be executed properly, which means that the engine will function and not be damaged. There are two main reasons why the timing belt needs to be regularly replaced, preferably as a part of your...

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Your Car And The Sun: How To Protect Your Vehicle From Sun Damage

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When you are going to spend time outside, you probably put on sunblock. In fact, many experts recommend that you wear sunblock every day, regardless of the day’s activities, to protect your skin from the sun. You know what else is exposed to the sun every day? Your car. And the paint on your car is much like your skin, it needs to be protected every day. But how do you do that?  Parking Whether you park your car all day while you are at work, or spend your days running from store to store, you should always seek out shaded parking....

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3 Important Steps for Better Car Maintenance

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If you own a car, it’s important to keep it working and looking great. Otherwise you may have to deal with severe problems in the future. You can keep your car maintained thanks to these steps. Change the Oil It’s important to change your car’s oil. Otherwise your engine may overheat and break down. You can change out the oil yourself if you feel comfortable. First, put a collection tray underneath the oil plug, and remove the plug. Let the old oil come out completely. Then, put new oil in using a funnel. The funnel prevents...

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