"Extra" Things People Like About Towing Services: Ask When You Neeed A Tow

by Felix Ray

What makes one towing service different from another? If you're evaluating your experience with one of these shops, check out these value propositions that help customers feel better about their relationships with these businesses.

Getting There Fast

The best towing services make a point to keep enough trucks on the road to quickly respond to problems, and they train their staff to be there when they say they will. In the days of smart phones, it's easy to keep in touch with customers to let them know almost exactly when they can expect the backup, and when they can get their vehicle safely removed from an emergency situation.

Having Room for Passengers

So many people who are stranded by the side of the road need an extra seat, so they can ride along. They'd rather not have to get alternative transportation from wherever they broke down. So towing services that can offer them a seat on the truck can do better in terms of ultimate customer satisfaction.

Just the Tow, Please

It's also important for towing services to think about how they come across to customers when it comes to fixing what's broken on a vehicle. Some customers might welcome a little guidance, but they don't want to be told that they've already been taken to a shop for unauthorized work on a car or truck. The best towing services keep this very transparent, and let people know what's going on before any work is done.

Offering Mileage

Instead of having hard and fast caps on the number of miles they would drive, the best towing services work with AAA and otherwise offer customers convenient alternatives so they don't have to pay an arm and a leg to get to where they need to be.

Special Situations

Good towing experts can get cars out of a ditch with a tow bar. They know how to address situations where cars are trapped off-road or where there are obstacles in the way. These services help customers feel like they really got good assistance when they were in a jam.

Working with Legitimate Impound Lots

This is a customer's biggest gripe: in too many situations, people feel like they got railroaded into paying high impound rates. A combination of lower-priced impound services, transparency and courtesy can go a long way.

Think about how these extras make people more satisfied with what happens when a towing company shows up.

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