You Bought Your First Car: 4 Signs You Might Have Transmission Problems

by Felix Ray

You finally saved enough money to buy a used car. If it's your first car, you might not be familiar with everything that goes into the maintenance and upkeep. Oil changes are easy to remember because they're on a schedule. In fact, each time you have an oil change, they put a sticker in your window that tells you when you should have your next change completed.

When it comes to your transmission, there aren't any window stickers to guide you. Instead, you have to be familiar with the language your transmission speaks. If you pay attention, and understand the language, you'll know when your transmission needs servicing. Here are a few of the signs you should look out for.

Shifting Gears is Difficult

When your transmission is working properly, you'll feel a smooth transition between gears. However, if your transmission is in need of servicing, your car may lurch forward as you switch gears. You may also notice a delay when shifting gears. Both of these occurrences are signs that you should take your car in for servicing as soon as possible.

Car Speed Surges

Dirty transmission fluid may contain sediment. That sediment is difficult to filter through the transmission. As a result, you may experience intermittent surges of power while you're driving. That means your transmission loses power whenever contaminated fluid cycles through.

Grinding Noise from Transmission

Transmission fluid lubricates the transmission, which allows your car to switch gears smoothly. Once the fluid begins to wear out – or your fluid level is low – you may notice noises or grinding sounds coming from the transmission. If you start hearing noises from your transmission, you should check the fluid level. If your fluid level is not low, you should have your transmission inspected as soon as possible.

Slow Take-Off After Stop

When you accelerate from a stop, your car should move forward. If there is a delay between when you accelerate and when your car moves forward, you may have a problem with the transmission. Here's an easy way to check your transmission.

  1. Turn your car on and leave it in park.

  2. Put your car into gear and take your foot off the brake.

  3. If you're car moves forward smoothly, your transmission is working properly.

  4. If your car hesitates for several seconds or lurches forward, you should contact a service technician for a transmission repair.

Don't get caught off-guard by transmission problems. This easy guide will help you troubleshoot some of the transmission troubles you might experience.